Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Czech Society for Analytical Cytometry, I would like to invite you to the conference “Analytical Cytometry X” which will be held on September 21 – 24, 2019 at Hotel Jezerka, Seč-Ústupky, Czech Republic. This annual event will take place in a location outside the usual cytometry centers. We plan to host pleasant, friendly meetings, and together we will take part in an interesting scientific program. There will be a series of talks by top European and American scientists representing various fields of cytometry. We believe that the interdisciplinary program will provide inspiration for your future projects within basic, translational and clinical research. You can look forward to sections devoted to new methods, microfluidics, cell and tumor biology, immunology and hematology. Beginners' education sections will be traditionally focused on the basics of flow cytometry, on cell biology and clinical cytometry, plus on the newly offered topic of data analysis. The participation of our junior colleagues will be supported by travel grants. In order to cooperate with the non-academic sector, we will continue with the time-proven format of company workshops. We understand that the presentation of installed demo devices and the opportunity for intensive contact between companies and their customers is beneficial for the whole cytometry community. In the spirit of continuing our effort to integrate our national cytometry community into the international, the official language of the annual conference is English. This way, our invited guests and foreign colleagues can join in the discussions. The only exceptions will be the clinical and (both educational and parallel) basic sections, which will be taught in Czech.

I am truly delighted that I can invite you to what will already be the tenth year of our conference. I am confident that it will meet all your expectations and will match or even exceed the success of previous conferences in Prague, Mikulov and Olomouc.

Karel Souček
Organizing Committee Chairman