Workshopy a sympozia

Monday, 16.10. | 16:00

Core facility workshop sponsored by APE

Intended audience:
Core facility staff, operators, students, engineers
Workshop: Cytometer characterization and optimization using the quantiFlash
How to avoid or solve probles in the core facility
(discussion and beer)
Preliminary program

Monday, 16.10. | 14:00

Satelite symposium sponsored by DYNEX

Mass Cytometry

Registration form is available HERE.

Program sympozia:
Panel discussion:
All participants are welcome to present max 3 slides of usefull tips and tricks on any of the topics below:
- Mass cytometry project considerations
- Reagents, conjugations and stock control
- Sample handling, pre-enrichment
- Sample preparation and staining, barcoding
- Acquisition pitfalls
- Instrument handling
- Data analysis