Workshopy a sympozia

MONDAY, 23.9. | 13:30

Satelite symposium sponsored by DYNEX
Mass Cytometry

Recognizing cellular variations in what appear to be homogenous populations has become crucial to identifying immune responses, advancing stem cell research, understanding cancer cells, and studying the effectiveness of biological therapies. 

With its highly multi-parametric analysis capability, the Helios, a CyTOF mass cytometry system enables insight into the functional complexity of biological systems at the single cell level. Large 40+ marker proteomic panels routinely analyzed using mass cytometry provide simultaneous measurement of the breadth of cell types and depths of their functions in a single tube, enabling researchers to unravel the complex heterogeneity inherent to biological systems.
In this seminar, we will discuss the current limitations in single-cell proteomics, shed light on the ability of the Helios to enable this application, and highlight relevant publications that demonstrate the unique insights and discoveries gained by utilizing this technology. We will also introduce to you the new Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling Assay (30 makers in 1 single tube) and demonstrate the fully automated Pathsetter Data Analysis software.


Jennifer Frahm
Discovery and functional profiling with Mass Cytometry: from cell suspension to tissue

Tomas Kalina, Kanute Husse
Multiparametric analysis of cell response

What makes a good mass cytometry project?
-  panel discussion